Dan's tips

Bicycling is fun! Here's some tips to keep the fun rolling:

Never lock your bike with a cable lock

  • Bike theft is unfortunately common and cable locks can be cut in seconds. Always use a u-lock
  • If your wheels or seatpost are quick release, make sure to lock those up too!
  • Make sure what you're locking to cannot be cut or removed (not a tree or un-boltable rack)

Use Google Maps to find bike directions

  • Give Google Maps a destination and it will guide you using as many bike friendly routes as possible

Keep your tires inflated

  • Keeping tires inflated will prevent "pinch" flats and make you go faster!
  • Each tire will have printed on its sidewall its max or recommended pressure.
  • Air naturally escapes through the innertubes. Wide high volume tires should be filled once a month and skinny low volume tires twice a month

Ride with traffic and never on the sidewalk

  • This may seem scary to those not used to it, but it is the safest way to ride.
  • Statistically, riding on the sidewalk or against traffic is 2-3x more dangerous.

Learn to patch tubes

Check your chain regularly

  • Your bike's drivetrain wears with usage. Dirt and grime accelerate this wear while oil eases it
  • Have your chain checked at a shop every 6-12 months (free of charge)
  • Replacing your chain when necessary will significantly prolong the life of your other drivetrain components and save you money

Barrel adjusters are handy

  • Barrel adjusters allow you to quickly take up slack in shift or brake cables
  • As brake pads wear, the distance between the rim and the pad grows. Unscrewing your barrel adjuster on the brake lever will decrease this distance

Flats can be prevented

  • Pinch flats are easily prevented by keeping your tires fully inflated
  • High quality tires with a puncture resistant casing stop most punctures and will generally give you many miles of service. I recommend (and ride) Schwalbe Marathons
  • Tire liners are a less expensive but still effective option

Buyer beware; Not all bikes are equal

  • Department store bikes should be avoided if possible. If not possible, make sure they are serviced at a shop (even if brand new) to ensure safety
  • When buying a second hand bike, brand name bikes are generally higher quality. Seek a bike with good quality aluminum components, aluminum rims and if geared, an integrated derailleur hanger
  • Here is a map of local reputable dealers of used bikes